May 14, 2021

Is Someone More Prone To Oral Cancer With Piercings?

Beauty has gone a long way since the earliest days. From the time people used to make colors out of flowers and all, the art of decorating your body with piercings has been there. People from all walks of life enjoy piercings on their bodies because it's a reflection of what they like.

While some prefer to do it on the ears, nose and even navel, others like piercing their mouths. While it might be very artistic and an expression of one's thoughts and freedoms, do these piercings interfere with the mouth's normal function or promote oral cancer?

Risks Associated With Tongue Piercings

The tongue is a critical part of the body. It's responsible for talking, chewing, eating and swallowing. When you have jewelry on your tongue, then the tongue doesn't have the mobility it should have. This means that the tongue might damage the teeth or puncture your mouth. Since the tongue often mobile, you will find that you can repeatedly rub on the same areas which might mean that lesions might grow and if left untreated, turn into lesions which are pre-cancerous.

What's more, when a piercing is done in the mouth, the risk of an infection is often very high. Since the tongue is covered in bacteria, a piercing might be detrimental to the health since the piercing might be how the bacteria gets access to the bloodstream and bring about swelling, infections among other problems. After you have pierced the tongue, you have tissue that becomes inflamed and very tender.

That means that conventional means of cleaning the mouth will not work. As such, you need to make sure that you have the required cleaning agents and solutions to keep the tongue and mouth as clean as possible to accelerate the healing process and ensure that everything appears as it should have. When getting piercings, ensure that you do it in a sterilized environment so avoid chances of any complications.

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