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What to Set Up at Home Before Going in for Oral Surgery

Posted on 10/15/2017 by Scott Redlinger
Oral Surgery Reno-Tahoe Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center NV 89511-3022
Oral surgery is a major undertaking and something that you want to prepare for before you head into the office to have the work done. That's why it's important to get all the necessary supplies at home ready to go, before the big day.

Below is a list of supplies we recommend you have on hand, so you're ready to care for yourself properly after going home.

Ice Packs

We urge our patients to apply ice packs to the jaw and the mouth area after oral surgery to help reduce swelling. Stock up on soft ice packs and have at least a few different ones in the freezer before surgery. To use the ice packs put one on for 15 minutes, then remove it for 15 minutes before putting it back on once again. This will effectively reduce problems with swelling and can reduce pain as well.

Soft Food
It's a bad idea to eat hard or tough foods after oral surgery. That's why it's vital you buy nice soft foods or liquid foods to consume for a few days after surgery. Get things like cottage cheese, apple sauce, yogurt, smoothies and mashed potatoes to eat during that time period to keep your mouth healthy.

Rinsing with salt water is a good way to keep the mouth clean after going through surgery. In some instances, you'll be told not to rinse during the first 24 hours, but after that point it's beneficial to rinse with salt water often.

Healthy Foods
Eating soft foods isn't enough to ensure a speedy recovery, it's helpful if they are healthy as well. Try to find foods that are packed with Vitamin C and A in particular, because a diet rich in those two nutrients can help cut down recovery times nicely.

Oral surgery is a big deal, but if you take these preparative measures you'll be ready to go through the recovery period without issue. We always encourage our patients to take the time to prepare properly, so they're ready to go the moment they get home from surgery.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule an appointment, please call us at (775) 430-5355 today.

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