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What You Need to Know Before Your Wisdom Teeth Get Pulled

Posted on 3/13/2018 by Scott Redlinger
Wisdom Teeth Reno-Tahoe Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center NV 89511-3022Removing wisdom teeth is a common thing and many people will have surgery during their teenage or young adult stage. Surgery to remove wisdom teeth is a major procedure and patients will need sufficient time to recover.

That said, it is important to know a thing or two before you head to a dental surgeon for an appointment. If you are prepared adequately for the surgery, you may not have complications during and thereafter the procedure.

Have Someone with You

When going for a wisdom tooth extraction, let someone accompany you to the dental office. Before the extraction you will have a local or general anesthetic to help numb the area.

People react to anesthesia differently, and you may find that you aren't able to drive yourself home. The individual you bring with you will offer you the support and help you need including driving you home.

Stock up Plenty of Soft Foods

You want to stock up a lot of soft foods, this is essential to avoid aggravating the treated area. Having soft foods such as lukewarm soups and apple sauce makes sure you don't hurt the tissue where surgery has been performed.

On top of that, skip brushing your teeth for a day. After surgery, you may be tempted to brush your teeth, but that is not recommended. Also, avoid rinsing and spitting because it may prevent clotting of blood, which is needed to help in recovery.

If you are scheduled for wisdom teeth removal, you want to know things you should and shouldn't do before and after the surgery. You can contact us to get more information on how you can prepare yourself before having your wisdom teeth pulled out and ways you can ensure you recover quickly after the extraction. Of course, you want to ensure you have enough rest and keep your head raised following the surgery.

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