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Safety Practices
Dentist with facemask smiling emergency dental 657865432 xSmall
•  Practicing social distancing
•  Limited patient capacity
•  Appointments scheduled to minimize possible contact with other patients
•  Option for patients to wait in the car until their designated appointment time
•  Effective screening measures for patients
•  Only one patient in the waiting room at a time
•  Use of rubber dam when possible along with isolating area of work to reduce aerosols
•  Additional disinfecting of common surfaces between each patient including the waiting room, counters, door handles, pens, etc
•  Use of high speed evacuation of dental procedures producing an aerosol
•  Personal Protective Equipment at or above standards recommended by the CDC and dental board
•  Sterilization protocols above standards for use of instruments and room set up

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Scott M. Redlinger, DMD, MD
(775) 430-5355