Medically Reviewed By Dr. Redlinger

Dental implants require ample space in the jaw in order for the screw to hold securely so that the implant can be placed. In most cases, dental implants are able to be replaced without modification, but when it comes to the frontal dental implants, there could be situations when a person will have to undergo a sinus lift prior to the implant.

Simple Procedure

The procedure of a sinus lift is a simple situation that needs to be done in order to create more space between the teeth and prevent overcrowding. When there is overcrowding there could be a chance of misalignment and this is what results in severe bacterial infections and gum diseases that are difficult to treat. Without a sinus lift, there is little space for the implants to fit. If the implant doesn’t fit correctly, the implant will not last as long. Although everyone who gets dental implants may not require a sinus lift, this procedure may be required when you are getting dental implants at the back of your mouth only when there is less space.

A sinus lift is not a complicated procedure and it will not take up time because this is something that can be done along with the implant when a professional knows exactly what they are doing. Neither is it a painful procedure nor is it risky in any way. It is something that will help the dental implant last much longer and prove to be more functional. A well placed dental implant can help with full functionality of the jaw and this helps you to feel more comfortable when you are eating your food. If you are looking for dental implants for the top portion of your mouth, but you are not too sure whether or not you need a sinus lift prior to the procedure then you should visit us so we can take a look inside your mouth and decide.