Here at Reno-Tahoe Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, bone grafting is a routine procedure that we offer people who are looking to get their mouth ready for Dental Implants. By adding a bone graft into your mouth, it can help restore the jaw to where it has enough bone to hold your new implants in place. We have extensive experience and training in performing bone grafts, and are great at helping you understand the benefits of this procedure. If you need a bone graft, call on us today and schedule a time to come in and speak with either of them.

Why You Need Bone Grafts

After you have a tooth removed for whatever reason, the bone around where that tooth was, begins to atrophy. It reabsorbs into the surrounding bone because it is no longer being used and the body believes that it needs to be removed. The problem is, when you lose bone mass, it can become impossible to place dental implants to replace that tooth down the line. One way of solving that issue is by performing a bone graft to that part of your jaw, adding new bone that will eventually fuse with your bone, giving you the bone necessary to anchor a dental implant.

The Basics Of A Bone Graft

When you need a bone graft, it begins with getting the area numbed.

Once it is numb, the tissue is incised, exposing the bone below.

The bone grafting material is then placed on top of your bone and attached either by a bonding material or by taking your soft tissue and pulling it over the new graft and suturing that tissue in place so that it holds the graft, too. Usually, your bone is used, but it can also come from synthetic sources, or it can come from another person. Once sutured, you are then sent to recovery, and then you will be sent home.

Complex Bone Grafting

After a few weeks, your bone graft will begin to fuse with your existing jawbone, and new bone growth will occur. It is imperative that during this healing time, you keep the area incredibly clean and bacteria-free. If all goes well and your bone graft heals as it should, you will then be a better candidate for getting Dental Implants to restore your smile and the functionality of your teeth.

You need to take it easy following a bone graft. This means limiting anything that will boost your blood pressure, avoiding alcohol, and not smoking. You also need to take medications as prescribed by our oral surgeons and follow the medication schedule that you are given post-op. Follow strict oral hygiene routines during recovery, and be gentle with the area that had the bone graft so as not to displace it or damage it in any way.

Do You Need Financing?

If you have any questions at all about your graft, or if you have pain, swelling, or bleeding that you cannot control, call us here at (775) 430-5355 immediately.