Bone Morphogenetic Protein

Bone Morphogenetic Protein (BMP) refers to an isolated protein that we use to help stimulate the growth of hard tissues like bone and cartilage in surgical procedures. We primarily use BMP in procedures where a bone graft is needed but not preferred. Most commonly we use a collagen sponge or tissue infused with BMP to help stimulate bone growth in the jaw to prepare the jaw to receive a dental implant or other dental appliance.

In dentistry, BMP is typically used to restore bone to a site that has experienced bone loss due to tooth loss. We will open the site that needs additional bone and place a BMP sponge around the existing bone, carefully suturing the site closed over the sponge. The BMP will encourage new bone growth and as it does it will be absorbed into the body. There is no need to remove the sponge as your body will break it up naturally.
Once the bone has grown to an acceptable level it will be strong enough to support permanent dental appliances such as dental implants.
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