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All On 4

At Reno-Tahoe Oral Surgery & Dental Implant Center, we believe that everyone has the right to as many high-quality dental options as are available on the market today. For this reason, we offer dental implants, and dental implant supported solutions such as the All On 4. All On 4 offers you the ability to replace your dentures with a permanent, dental implant supported denture that looks and acts just like your natural teeth. No more having to remove your dentures at night. No more worrying about what you can or cannot eat - just peace of mind.

What Is The All On 4?

All On 4 is a full arch tooth replacement concept that, like dentures, allows fully edentulous (without teeth) patients the ability to eat, speak, and appear as though they have a full set of natural teeth. As the name implies we support these permanent dentures with four dental implants per arch - that's four implants on the top arch and four implants on the bottom arch of your mouth. A total of only eight dental implants allows you to regain control over what you eat and how you look!

Better For Your Health

There are some serious health drawbacks to tooth loss. Even dentures don't provide you with much of a health benefit. The issue stems from the lack of natural teeth. Natural teeth have a root (below the gums in the jaw bone) and a crown (the part of the tooth you see). When a tooth is lost, it will stop interacting with the bone in your jaw, and after some time the bone in your jaw will begin to recede. This bone loss occurs because the bone is not receiving the stimulation it needs to stay healthy. Solutions like dentures address the issue of the missing crown of the teeth, but the tooth roots are still absent.

With the All On 4, we place dental implants into your jaw to support the permanent denture. These dental implants act the same way a natural tooth would and will interact with the bone in your jaw to help it remain healthy.

Restoring Your Confidence In Your Smile

The loss of teeth can make it very difficult to chew and speak properly, but there is an emotional loss that comes with tooth loss that isn't often talked about. Many people who lose some or all of their teeth will not feel comfortable smiling, often out of embarrassment. All On 4's restore your confidence in your smile!
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The Procedure

Planning the procedure can take some time. Fortunately, we have adopted all of the latest in proven dental technology, which allows us to expedite this process and begin the dental implant placement with confidence. For information on what the dental implant post placement is like, check out our dental implants page. We place four dental implants in each arch of your jaw, two vertically, and two (the rear implants) diagonally into your jaw. This placement helps us to maximize the stability of your implant restorations, allowing you to eat and speak with confidence.

After dental implant post placement, we will allow you some time to heal. Once the healing process is finished, you will be ready for us to finalize your All On 4 restorations!
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