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3D Implant navigation

A dental implant is a titanium post affixed into the mouth's bone structure through a minimally-invasive procedure. The implant acts as an anchor, allowing a permanent artificial tooth to be placed into the mouth. Reno Tahoe Oral Surgery & Implant Center adopts the most advanced machinery available to perform implant procedures. This includes utilizing the new X-Guide™ Dynamic 3D Navigation System from X-Nav Technologies. With X-Guide™, implant procedures result in less post-op discomfort, faster recovery, and a smile that functions just as great as it looks.

What is X-Guide?

The X-Guide system is designed to elevate our surgeons' control and precision throughout the entire implant process, including virtual planning and placement. Think of it like a GPS for the surgeon’s drill. X-Guide utilizes a 3D treatment plan to provide turn-by-turn guidance during surgery, giving the doctor the ability to perform precise movements for more exact drilling of the implant's intended slot. This results in the ability to deliver patients the desired functional and aesthetic outcome. With the X-Guide system in our dental practice, same-day guided surgery becomes a reality for more patients. Reno Tahoe Oral Surgery incorporates the X-Guide so patients receive implants that are functional, aesthetic, and optimally-placed based on your unique anatomy.

How it Works

Before your procedure, the surgeon will pre-plan the ideal implant location using advanced software. Your mouth is unique, so by gaining a 3D view of your anatomy, our surgeons can map out the optimum drill path. This means smaller incisions, preservation of your tooth structure, and efficient use of your valuable time.

During your surgery, the doctor will utilize a small, lightweight X-clip in your mouth that matches to your digital plan with a specialized, radiation-free camera system. This gives the doctor a 3D view of your jawbone, soft tissue, surrounding teeth, as well as the digital treatment plan to follow. The X-Guide navigation technology provides the surgeon with turn-by-turn guidance along the surgical path while they utilize a digital hand piece to perform drill movements.

Medical neurosurgery has been done similarly for many years, only now, it's even more precise. The X-Guide system allows the surgeon to make the most informed adjustments considering your surrounding structures. This heightened accuracy results in less discomfort, and a strong foundation for a brilliant smile. 

Book a Dental Implant Consultation

X-Guide enables our practice to make efficient use of your time when undergoing an implant procedure. From initial consultation to implant placement, Reno Tahoe Oral Surgery wants to ensure that your journey to a brilliant smile is as hassle-free as possible. If you have questions or would like to book a consultation, our friendly staff is here to assist.
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