Medically Reviewed By Dr. Redlinger

Dental implants are becoming much more popular and common these days. People who have dentures and other forms of replacement dental pieces, as well as people who are replacing teeth for the first time are flocking to implants as a genuinely effective and long-term solution. So it only makes sense that as the need and use of this oral health procedure grows and becomes more widespread, so should the other technologies and services that go along with it. Specifically, how the area is examined by image scanning. While X-rays for decades have been the standard, everything in medical and dental science is constantly being improved upon and studied for ways to be made better and more efficient. Such is the case when it comes to cone beam technology and how it can better prepare you for implants.

More Crisp And Clear Image

One of the most critical aspects before undergoing any type of procedure on any part of your body is that you have the best picture possible of what it is that the surgeon will be going into. By getting the best and clearest images that we possibly can, we are able to detect any obstacles or other factors that might otherwise have gone unnoticed. These images are so precise and detailed that they even give a good look at the bone and surrounding soft tissues to give us a thorough understanding of the condition of the area which will be receiving the anchors to make sure that they are stable enough to accept them.

To find out if this form of dental imaging would help you decide on your implants or any other oral health procedures, give our office staff a call for more information. They are ready and waiting to help with anything you might need.