Medically Reviewed By Dr. Redlinger

Most patients panic when they notice an odd growth in their mouth thinking it is a sign of a bad infection or the beginning of cancer. Typically, these bony growths are benign and are nothing to worry about, still others are. The outcropping of bone in the oral cavity is not normal and should be addressed by a professional to determine the best treatment option.

Different Type Of Growths

These growths vary in size and have been linked to diet, whether you grind your teeth or not and how much bone density is available. The good news is the growths are easy to remove and can be done in a relatively quick and pain-free procedure. There are several common growths.

A mandibular tori is a growth that can be painful. They are most commonly found on the inside of the mouth in the lower jaw. Interestingly, they are typically found in pairs, one on each side of the mouth. They can cause sore throat, pain in the jaw and teeth and even cause some of the teeth to come loose. These growths are largely benign and pose no overall health threat. They are easily removed. They have been attributed to both genetics and to patients grinding their teeth.

The torus palatinus usually appears on the roof of the mouth. These are generally harmless and are more frequently found than mandibular tori. There are many times when they do not need to be removed. While these too can be attributed to genetics and grinding teeth, it has also been attributed to diet.

While discovering a bony growth protruding in your mouth can be alarming, there is no need to panic. Just give us a call and we discuss any necessary actions regarding the growths.