Medically Reviewed By Dr. Redlinger

There are times where children are going to need to see an oral surgeon, too. Most oral surgery practices are set up to help take care of the needs of an adult. If your child needs oral surgery, ask their pediatric dentist if they recommend a specific office to go in and see.

If not, then look around for a local oral surgeon’s office that caters to the needs of children. You would do better if you went with an oral surgeon that specializes in caring for children over a general oral surgeon that also helps kids. It will help your child have a better experience.

Tending To A Child’s Mouth Is Different Than An Adult’s Mouth

While a child’s mouth is a smaller version of an adult’s mouth, it cannot simply be treated as a smaller version. It must be treated as a developing and changing entity. It takes specialized education for an oral surgeon to understand how to care for a child’s mouth.

If you want your child to have the best chances of success, plus the most comfortable experience possible, you will turn to a pediatric oral surgeon.

A pediatric oral surgeon’s office is going to treat your child differently, as well. The child will be the center of attention, and the explanations of what is going on will be on their level. The anesthesiologist is also going to have specific training in sedating a child safely, instead of just using a lower dose and not having the right training to know what is best.

For the sake of your child’s oral health, and their safety, make sure that you seek out the best pediatric oral surgeon around. Let them care for your child’s teeth and keep them safe at the same time.