Medically Reviewed By Dr. Redlinger

Oral and facial pain are collectively known as orofacial pain. It is a term used to describe different types of pain in your oral cavity and the face. Also, it encompasses a broad classification that includes several conditions such as periodontal and pulpal issues, sinusitis, masticatory muscles, and TMJ pain. The last two conditions fall under temporomandibular disorders (TMDs), which embrace numerous clinical issues. Injuries on these muscles can cause a lot of pain in your oral cavity and face, making you uncomfortable and unhappy. Regardless of the discomfort created by orofacial pain, there’s always a way to overcome this problem and lead a quality life.

Oral And Facial Pain Management

One step to overcoming your orofacial pain is to seek the right treatment. In many instances, the treatment of those with chronic facial pain is almost similar to treating patients with any other chronic pain. This is because both types of patients display the same behavioral and psychosocial response patterns irrespective of their dental and medical causes. For that reason, you need to come to see us for further guidance on your facial pain management.

We will take you through a number of processes to make your pain subside and give you the confidence you deserve to face the life ahead. The procedure may include good communication skills, active patient participation, selection of the best treatment options, and self-support. Keep in mind that chronic facial pain does not just go away easily. So it is wise to have long-term management strategies to see you through the treatment process. Regular assessment and a holistic approach are essential in uplifting your spirit and mood during such difficult moments. For more information on how to address oral and facial pain, call us to schedule your appointment.