Medically Reviewed By Dr. Redlinger

If you think your jaw is dislocated, please seek medical attention immediately. It is not something to try to fix on your own and may even require surgery.

What To Do If You Think You Have Dislocated Your Jaw

If your jaw feels strange, for example, you are having difficulty moving it like normal, or there is pain when moving your jaw, you may have dislocated it. There may also be symptoms such as, swelling or bruising along the jawline. Immediate medical care is necessary, if you have any of these symptoms. An oral surgeon specializes in jaw repair. However, if an oral surgeon is not immediately available, you need to go to the emergency room.

You don’t want to make matters worse by waiting, and you of course need to be sure the jaw isn’t actually broken. While waiting to receive medical attention, you should hold the jaw in place, by wrapping an elastic bandage around your head, from the jaw line to the top of your head. In the emergency room or oral surgeon’s office, your jaw will be assessed, and a decision will be made as to whether or not surgery is necessary. Often times, the jaw can be popped back into place manually, by a medical professional.

Why Did My Jaw Dislocate?

Any unexpected trauma to the face could possibly cause the jaw to dislocate…. from a sports injury to something as simple as a yawn. Please don’t be afraid to yawn! It is a rare occurrence, but it can happen. The good news is, a jaw dislocation is repairable. Our office is an excellent choice for dislocation repair. You can trust all of your oral surgery needs to us. Call us with any questions or concerns.