Medically Reviewed By Dr. Redlinger

People often ask what type of conditions oral surgeons specialize in, along with what procedures are most common. The fact of the matter is that we offer a number of unique and highly beneficial services, along with helping to care for multiple dental and lower facial area issues. While it would be impossible to list them all, here are a couple of the more frequent practices of oral surgeons:

Dental Implants

There are few things more important than having a healthy and functional smile. Everything from self-esteem to proper nutrition are dependent on having a mouthful of not only pretty, but strong teeth as well. When people have missing or severely decayed teeth, it affects every aspect of their life, from personal to work to social.

They are often times embarrassed to talk or laugh, making them seem standoffish when in actuality they are simply hesitant to engage others in social situations due to the lack of confidence they have about their appearance. And in the case of their dietary needs, weak or unstable teeth often times are unable to provide the strength to properly chew and break down food particles, leading to the sufferer eating less often and in smaller portions.

Wisdom Teeth Removal

This is something that everybody hates to have done, but at some point or another in life, nearly everyone has to go through it. The consequences of waiting too long can be anything from excruciating pain to damage to other teeth by impacting and crowding them. This is a very common, yet very necessary procedure provided by these surgical specialists.

To learn more about the various services provided by our skilled oral surgeons, just call our clinic and someone will be glad to answer any questions or set up a time where you can come speak to a specialist in person.